Sweep Day 2 update

Several people in contention in the sweep after day 1 will have got a shock when they saw Harman finish his first round earlier today and end up at 9 over. Harman was popular in the sweep with 51 selections. His chance of winning the Masters went with his back nine of 47, his scorecard resembled more like one I’d post. I didn’t watch any of the early coverage, but conditions must have been tough looking at the scores that came through – conditions remained very difficult throughout the day.  I found it great viewing watching some of the exploits of the world’s best fighting to make the cut. After the dust settled our sweep (subject to checks in the morning) a certain Jason Kelly is joint leader in our sweep at 8 under – he has the Scheffler + DeChambeau in his team along with Fitzpatrick, Schenk, McCarthy and Kitayama. Level with JK is the former LSS specialist James Niknejad (Scheffler, Schauffele, Fleetwood, Moore, Glover, Davis). In 3rd is the overnight leader Stuart Mackie, but he is now 6 shots behind. Ben Jones occupies 4th at level par and in 5th we have a three-way tie between Chinese Ambassador, Robert Goldsmith and Charles Tuchel with a score of 1 over.  Only Charles of the teams in the prizes has a missed cut golfer so will do well to hang on to a prize place.  (I will make sure Charles gets his first email of the week all the same – JK)

Now on to some points about how the weekend pans out within the sweep and the other prizes we have on offer – even if you’ve had a bad couple of days there are still plenty to be won, as outlined later.

The cut was made at 6 over. The late doubles from Matsuyama and Thomas moved it from 5 to 6 and increased the field playing at the weekend to 60, from 50. We always have some big names missing out and the list this time includes DJ, Viktor, Jordan and Wyndham, to highlight just a few. The move from 5 to 6 over also brings a lot more teams into contention in the sweep as many more have a full contingent taking part at the weekend.

The sweep score for golfers missing the cut is calculated as field average + 3 for both the final rounds.

63 teams have all 6 golfers making the cut – all of these have a great chance of winning the main prize. All teams still qualify for the main event so teams with 1 or 2 missed cut golfers can get into the prize places, but history tells us that most of the prize places will be filled with teams having all 6 golfers making the cut. To retain the interest in the sweep for teams with 1,2,3,4 and 5 missed cut golfers we introduced the four consolation events (MC1, MC2, MC3 and MC4or5) where it is the weekend only scores that count for the team, so everyone in each category is starting from the same point. An example might make this easier as this hasn’t always been clear: Using Tom Welsh’s team, which I’m sure he thought looked so good on paper on Thursday morning, (Rahm, Aberg, Zalatoris, Im, Rose, Bradley) it falls into the MC2 category as Im and Rose have missed the cut. Assuming the sweep round 3 score for missing the cut is +4 (field average +3) and Rahm, Aberg, Zalatoris and Bradley score a combined 10 under Tom’s score for round 3 is 2 under (+4+4-10). Repeating this for round 4 and assuming the total comes to 5 under Tom’s weekend team score is 7 under. The prize is won by the team with the lowest team weekend score. Ties will be split according to the overall team score for all 4 rounds – if this is still equal then we’ll look at the final round team score and work backwards for each round team score. A team cannot win both a Consolation Prize and a Main Prize so they will take the highest value prize should they end up being eligible for both.

The number of teams in each of the Consolation events along with the prize pay-outs is:

MC1 – 156 teams (1st £320 2nd £180)

MC2 – 89 teams (1st £250, 2nd £150)

MC3 – 35 teams (1st £200, 2nd £110)

MC4or5 – 4 teams (1st £150)

LSS (Low Score Sunday). Now we know who is competing at the weekend start to think about this. We need a prediction of who will shoot the lowest round on Sunday, what this lowest score will be and also what you think the winning score in the Masters will be. The scores are used for splitting any ties. Example (and just to be clear this is not my on submission) Conners, 63, 16 under. Please email Jason with these with the title LSS – remember you have one go per team entered, and with £350 on offer why not have a go? Given all the email issues we’ve had maybe also copy me in as well. It might be advisable to wait until Round 3 is complete as you’ll have a better sense of who did well in R3 well and what the likely winning score will be.

Winning Golfer Prize – this is paid to one team. How this works is we identify all teams that selected the winning golfer. If there is more than one team, we look to see which of these also selected the 2nd place golfer – again if there is more than 1 team containing 1st and 2nd we look to see which team has the next highest placed golfer – we continue with this until we are left with just one team. This prize is a proxy for the most Masters prize money the team wins. This prize is paid to someone outside the Main Prizes unless their Main Prize is worth less than the £350 we have on offer for the Winning Golfer Prize.

Sunday Hole in 1 Bonus – £500 available but you must have been a sweep regular, as this is the period when this fund accumulated, for debutants to the Sweep the pot is £250. Paid to a team with the golfer getting an Ace on Sunday (final round). Ties split by team score for the final round only.

You’ll all be pleased to hear JK will provide the write up tomorrow so it should be an entertaining insight into the golf and the sweep (no pressure Jason) provided he can forget about of the website/email issues we’ve faced throughout the duration of this sweep. He won’t need to worry about the sweep prize mechanics as I’ve bored you all with that in today’s update. He may have to explain his own team’s fall from grace as he’s been teed up nicely with a strong performance in the first couple of rounds from his team 2 – he probably needs a win to give him the encouragement to keep on running these sweeps with all the technical issues he’s faced.


Position Name Score Missed Cut
1 James Niknejad -8 0
  Jason Kelly 2 -8 0
3 Stuart Mackie -2 0
4 Ben Jones 2 0 0
5 Chinese Abassador 1 0
  Robert Goldsmith 1 0
  Charles Tuchel 1 1
8 Mark and Chris Seal 2 0
9 Stuart Field 2 3 1
  James Massey 3 1
  Edward Hogan 3 1
12 John Gutkin 1 4 0
  Mark Swires 4 1
14 Ryan Leverton 5 0
  Alex Leverton 5 1
  Felicity Weekes 5 0
17 Brian Pilotille 1 6 1
  Douglas Russell-Lowe 6 0
  Lisa/Sue 2 6 1
  Terry Madden 6 0
21 Lawrence Skinner 7 1
  Barry Winter 7 0
  Cavanaugh 1 7 0
24 Simon Cope 8 1
  Paul Kemp 8 1
  Tom Boyd 8 0
  John Quinn 1 8 0
28 David Hargrave 9 1
  Adrian Lis 9 2
  Carol Soutar 9 1
  Ron Smartt 9 0
  Dan Balsdon/Greg Snowden 9 2
  Mayukh Chhibber 2 9 0
34 Tom Atkinson 10 1
  Gary Hodgson 10 0
  Rich Anderson 10 0
  Rob Greenwood 10 0
  Alan Barber 1 10 1
  Pamela Morgan 10 1
40 Emily Sayers 11 1
  William Gallimore B 11 0
  Josh Simpson 11 0
  Carl Diable 2 11 1
  Glen Joss 1 11 1
  Steve Dine 11 2
46 Chris Steele 12 1
  Charlie Goldsmith 12 0
  Suzy Donaldson 12 1
  Mike Hill 2 12 1
  Jan Murphy 12 1
  Stewart Driver 2 12 1
  Lee Crowe 12 0
  David Cochrane 12 2
  Graeme Hipkiss 2 12 0
55 John Meadows 13 2
  Stewart Driver 1 13 1
  Michael McQueen 3 13 1
  Sandeep Grewal 13 1
  Dan Balsdon 13 1

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